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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Newborn Parents

A tiny hand envelops his father's thumb
sensing the future through the ribs of his fingerprint 
Holding it with a natural confidence 
despite months of grasping through an ocean of fluid
longing for connection

His mother's hair tickles his nose
it crumples
he sneezes
she laughs
he looks 
she stops

He is theirs completely
A bond 
no one else could ever understand
could never fully comprehend
it is as unique as a snowflake cut from Nature's hem

Their voices bounce off his heart
the echo calms his soul ensuring him he is home
 They speak of an angel
he searches their eyes 
the reflection of his silhouette shifts in the light

He answers with a visceral tale of garbled glee
 bubbles blossom from between his lips

Mother guides his tiny hand to cradle her cheek
closing her eyes
she breathes into his hair
 translating his monologue of innocence

 They now know the meaning of life 
As simple as their bond is profound
The meaning of life is not only in the palm of their hand
it is holding it...

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