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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Headshot Trauma Remedy for BFA Grads

 I do believe I have stumbled upon a remedy for the Theatrical Major Headshot Trauma...

Texas State University recently invited me to photograph the graduating Seniors of their Musical Theater and BFA programs, providing the graduating students with professional headshots with which to begin their acting careers.

In a two-day period we completed twenty sessions. Each session included hair and makeup by celebrity Makeup artist Dean Jason Hampton.

Throughout the process, a series of instructional elements were implemented with information necessary to achieve a successful photo session in the future.

In addition to being photographed, the students also received support in the following areas:

1.    Aesthetic preparation of skin, hair, grooming, Camera-Ready preparation for session arrival
2.    Selection of clothing: solid hues, attire appropriate for professional imagery as well as audition
3.    Lighting, posture, composition, textures of backgrounds
4.    Breathing techniques, posing options
5.    Make up techniques
6.    Hair grooming and styling
7.    Clothing selection and preparation
8.    Understanding and respecting the essentials of personal presentation in the world of audition
9.    Reflecting their self with confidence and appreciating the value of their personal self expression with pure validation of the power each individual holds within
10.  Encouraging self esteem and creating a platform of confidence from which they will be able to securely reference upon entering the entertainment field

Kindly view the Texas State University portfolio at

   Bio feature on the Texas State website as Visiting Artist:

 Texas State Promotional Collage for Senior Showcase:

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